Logo Design & Brand Identity

A clear logo and brand identity are so important for building brand awareness. Having an easily recognized logo and consistent branding will help build your customer or client base. A professional appearance will build trust in your brand and keep your clientele coming back for more!

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Logo Creation

Creating a logo can be a daunting task for any fledgling business. It is how your company will be known. It needs to be clear and recognisable, and send all of the right messages so that your customers or clients know they can trust your brand.

I can create a logo in your chosen style that can be applied to all of your branded items. This includes variations for website, social media, and promotional products.

If you want a logo/icon for personal use, for example: as a social media influencer, I can help there, too!

Brand Identity & Style Guides

Once you have a logo, it is important to consider how you will present…everything else! Consistent branding is a vital part of a professional business presence. It will go a long way to helping you with brand recognition.

Whether you hire me to make your logo or just need some help nailing the consistency for your existing brand, I can help. I will put together logo usage guidance, colour schemes and fonts for you to refer when producing content for your company.

If you hire me to create a logo and branding for your company, we can discuss discounted rates for my print design products using that branding.

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