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Maria Martin

Clover is the name I use in creative and gaming spaces – but I have another name! If you hire me, you will be working with Maria Martin. You can call me either name, and you can use the pronouns She/Her or They/Them.

I am looking for regular freelance work, one off projects and employment opportunities. You can download the file ‘Maria Martin CV’ below, or contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.


The chances are, you came to this page from somewhere else within the site. If you landed here first, please do take a look around at my portfolio of work.

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            <div itemprop='description'>I am a creative and experienced layout artist, working primarily on printed publications.  Aside from designing and creating document proofs, my work includes other marketing material such as business cards, flyers and posters, branding and theme creation, copy editing and proof reading, and SEO optimised web copy and content. 

If you need a comprehensive brand package including designs for print, as well as ongoing content creation for print or web publications, then I am the person you need!   </div>

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