A dedication to Queen Elizabeth II

The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

On 8th September 2022, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The nation began a period of mourning, and incredible numbers arrived in London to witness her Lying in State. Others laid flowers in dedicated spaces, signed books and held vigils all over the country.

The issue of Camber Community Newsletter that went to print in late September 2022 was the first edition published after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. As such, the production team decided that we would dedicate this issue (October -108) to her memory. The issue was full of moving words from local residents, with the main feature about Queen Elizabeth II’s life and the succession of King Charles III in the prime centre fold spot. As a team we are proud of our contributions, and we are humbled by the response from our audience.

Production Changes

Usually, the cover would feature autumnal images with a few nods to Hallowe’en, and the usual banner advert. October usually features the annual sponsorship of the local golf club, which has been deferred. We felt that the dedication should be simple, elegant, and respectful. To that end, I tried diferent levels of desaturation and recolouring for the advert before deciding to move it inside for the month. By way of compensation, we will extend the advertiser’s contract by another month, free of charge.

Double Glazing Doctor advert in vibrant colour
Double Glazing doctor advert desaturated for Queen Elizabeth II memorial edition

Naturally, we still provided our usual level of quality content with regular features, interesting tid-bits and news from around the village. Sometimes national topics make it in as well, if we think they will be of interest to residents. We also added in the bonfire and firework safety colouring page in preparation for early November displays. Often, the magazine doesn’t make it into people’s hands until a few days into the month. Our delivery team are volunteers, so we work with the times that suit them.

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